Private Healing Session

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The Bretharian Healing@Akahi and Camilla Castillo is a new energetic healing model, a result of extraordinary healings of the Mind, Emotions, Body and Soul. Your body is an intelligent entity that through channelling the Healing frequencies on Chakra level will remember and bring immediate regeneration and health (where the healing needs to happen)

Session length: 30 to 45 minutes
Location: online

2 reviews for Private Healing Session

  1. Dr Q Moayad

    I can only highly recommend Nicoleta’s coaching. She is highly intuitive, dedicated, kind and knowledgable.

  2. ioana andronic

    Nicoleta did a few healing sessions both on me and my new born son. When I had a cold or just too much on my mind, her healing session brought me ease. My son felt in a few hours better and his unease went away. She is brilliant.

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