Birthing in Healing Light

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Energetical Pranic Healing before, during and at birth giving



The birth of a child, the most magical Creation that we people can experience here on Earth; giving a Soul the chance to embody in a human form is an act of unconditional Love. The moment of the actual conception is even before something happened in the physical realm. It is the moment when 2 partners decide to Create together and have a baby. And exactly in that moment much can happen in the subconscious mind that will bring you a baby or not.  Then, for the majority of us Divine mothers, the moment of birth giving  is paired with extreme Joy but also with much fear, pain, not knowing and these energies will be soaked in from the baby; this stress will hinder the so desired natural birth.

What if I gift you with the Energetical Healing process relaxation and ease before the conception, in the pregnancy and during the Birthing process? The Pranic Healing helps in balancing your emotions, thoughts, feelings and all the rest that sums up before and during the pregnancy. It is bliss for both Divine Mother and Divine Child.

Should you be interested in experiencing birthgiving in Divine Light, please let me know.

1 review for Birthing in Healing Light

  1. Oana Mindrut

    I had the luck and delight to be able to ask Nicoleta for her incredible gift of healing at the birthing time. I felt her loving energy and felt protected. I had a very beautiful birth at home . Of course there were many things that worked because I gave birth in 40 minutes , yet I think that a very important part of the ease I had was because of the space and healing Nicoleta provided for me.
    Thank you for your gift!!
    You are an amazing energy healer.

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