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My name is Nicoleta Bot. I strive for an holistic approach in my daily Yoga practice. For me, Yoga and its practices are a philosophy for life. It can be integrated in everyone’s lifestyle. It is my deepest wish to help you find your own way to inner balance and happiness.

My Yoga practice will guide you to not only experience good health and a strong body but also inner peace helping you to achieve your (higher) goals with clarity and serenity.

My holistic approach includes different Yoga styles: Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Pregnancy, Children Yoga Certification Groovy Kids, Chakra Balance, and Meditation. These practices are always closely connected to Ayurvedic principles. In order to sustain my holistic view, I have started an alternative medicine study.

That I am an Energy Healer I have discovered some years ago through a profound experience that changed completely my view about our perception of reality. All is Energy, all is connected, all is One. I was initiated in Reiki I and II but not until I studied and applied the 8 Days Bretharian Healing Process with Akahi Ricardo did I understand the depth of Energy Healing methods.
The best present what life offered me, was to take part at William Whitecloud’s Create Your Destiny course and to finish all the Creative Orientation Curricula. It was not until I really grasped the second chance in life that I fully opened my true nature and purpose in life to be an awareness coach for every Soul that is dedicated to fully live a magical life.

What people say

Being MagNifiCo means

your path towards Wholeness and Awareness


Romanian word: wise person from ancient times, magician, priest; The embodiment of Wisdom, the depth of our Soul.

Five-petal flower icon.


my short name. As nothing is just happening in this lifetime, I carry the name of my grandfather, who was a Priest. Hopefully the Wisdom too 😉


Romanian word meaning to BE. This is the Essence of all life: Presence, Joy and Awareness.

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