A journey towards within

My Yoga practice will guide you to not only experience good health and a strong body but also inner peace helping you to achieve your (higher) goals with clarity and serenity.


Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic, modern Yoga style that will energise your body and mind after a busy day. You will feel inspired and refreshed along the various Asanas practiced in a flow.

Yin Yoga and Meditation

A passive Yoga style, the perfect equilibrium after an exhausting day. We will learn different techniques to let go of the ballast we carry within and relax. The core of the practice is the deep connection to Yourself.

Yin Yang Yoga Online

Friday 20:00 (Germany) I heartily invite you to discover with me Yin Yang Yoga. Click START TODAY or go directly to BOOK page. So blessed to assist you on this path. See you on the yoga mat.