Energetical Reset 2023 (with Access Consciousness Tools)


Each month can be booked separately. How does it get any better than this?


Energetically, we store many points of view, limitations and judgements that we think are ours (and they are not:) or even not think we have them at all:-)

How would a life lived in Highest Excitement look like if we were free of all this baggage? How much Joy and Fun would we have then? And how many of our dreams would come true then?

I heartly invite you on Zoom, 20:00 CET to step out of our limitations using Access Consciousness Clearing Tools.

23 January: Intentions, why not?

23 February: Fabulous You in all life areas?

23 March: Money: abundance or struggle?

23 April: Amazing creations?

23 Mai: Me Me Me?

23 June: Juhuu: happy forever?

23 July: Jubilating in life or life living you?

23 August: Awareness: how much?

23 September: Serendipity, relaxation in receiving?

23 October: Oooo these relationships?

23 November: No no, I wanted something else, but this manifested for me?

23 December: Definitions: functioning without them?


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