In a world where you could be anything, choose to be kind.

One of the 8 Limbs of Yoga is the work with our breath or Pranayama, gaining control of the vital life force. The Bretharian Healing@Akahi and Camilla Castillo is a new energetic healing model, a result of extraordinary healings of the Mind, Emotions, Body and Soul.

It is a blissful connection to the energy field of Light in which all depths of healing and transformation, expansion and evolution are instantly received.  Bretharian Healing is for everyone, for the healing of humanity and our planet. Combined with the Pranic Healing Frequencies it offers the ultimate experience and interaction with the alchemy of Healing.



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The story of my (new) Logo

The only constant parameter in our life is change. Everything in our life encounters this Truth. Whereas we change and grow too, so did my…

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