Mastermind: We create our reality (and how to uncreate it)


When: Tuesday 13.09.2022, 20:00 CET

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How real is real? And why are certain things (re)occurring in my life?

Who or what is influencing my reality? Is there a reality?

What choice and action can I make today to BE the chooser of my life?

This mastermind is designed to see by using Access Consciousness tools how real is real and that we are the mere Creators of our life and that all we perceive is our own creation. And more important how to uncreate whatever is obstructing you to have the magnificent life  you deserve and how to start changing the reality around you.

So, please take all your questions regarding this theme with you in the call and after you will see how different your perspective about your Creation will be:-) What can I create today? How much Joy and Fun can I have?


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