One-on-One Awareness Coaching Sessions

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Awareness, creativity, being You and the pure joy of creating an amazing life based on choices YOU make are now on your path with you.

Session length: 90 minutes
Location: Zoom

*As my awareness coaching is individual fitted for Your end results, the payment will be agreed individually


Why does Everyone need a coach? and especially an awareness coach? Well, in a world were our default mode is the egoic structure that we all bare within, surpassing this and choosing what your Heart loves is Heaven on Earth. In some weeks working together you will Know exactly what your Heart really wants to experience and also the structure to manifesting all your dreams. I promise you. and in each session we will get rid of some heavy, draining energies that keep you in your old patterns.

And last but not least, Your coach is your mirror to really acknowledge where you are, and what is your focus down below your good hidden layers. As in the end, awareness is all.

With much Love and Awareness

3 reviews for One-on-One Awareness Coaching Sessions

  1. Dr Q Moayad

    I have worked with Coach Nico for several months now. Her intuition, determination and love are incredible. I have learned a lot from you and also reminded of many things that I already know but regrettably have neglected. She deserves a two thumbs up!

  2. MS

    The energy of a person speaks volumes, and Nicoleta radiated purity and unstoppable positive energy, while also keeping firm balance and harmony. The teacher, before the teachings, is what emanates the essential codes the students assimilate for their development. I had an online trial consultation with Nicoleta and she was sovereign, while being gentle, stable while being lighthearted, and she already saw all the wonderful potentials that are soon flowering in my life. Thank you and best of luck with your great work 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  3. Ioan B.

    I had a coaching session and I was really impressed by her subtle perceptions, kind approach and honesty. I highly recommend.

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