Awakening to Your true magnificence my journey as awareness coach

We are infinite Beings who chose this amazing experience here on Earth. The years 2019 and 2020 were “the” transformational years for me firstly because I awakened and accepted my gifts as an Energy healer and in parallel I studied and completed all Natural Success curricula and started to share awareness with many Souls in form of coaching, posts, blogs, videos and all that you can see today 🙂

How it started? With a bit resistance 🙂 as the egoic structures we are into will always try to keep us “safe”, a safety that maybe was true in our early childhood but by reassessing the same patterns we will be stuck in the same cycles over and over again. So, 2019 my dear friend and the amazing site creator Ioana sent me a whatsap with all the details of William Whiteclouds work and his next Create Your Destiny course. She did it and was amazed and knew this was for me. She wrote me shortly: “you have to take this course. It is for you.” I read, understood nothing more than intuition and I thought..hmm..I do practice Yoga since forever, I can awaken my 6th chakra/Intuition with the practice. I did not subscribe. Some months later my dear soul sis Oana said hey Nico may I try something on you? You are the most open person with whom I could try this, you meditate, you teach Yoga, can drop into your heart–perfect candidate 🙂 We will do a meditation and at the end we will both write what we see. She was in Regensburg, me in Frankfurt. I said, ok easy peasy for me such an exercise:-). She played Williams end meditation Land of Plenty on zoom; the moment I heard his voice I was mesmerised at the depth, I fully vibrated into the meditation felt deep connection to this work. The meditation stopped we started to write what we saw, if we saw 🙂 The result, I was speechless, Oana started and I could relate 90% to what I wrote on my paper. I couldn’t believe my ears, eyes nothing. Such a profound experience where she connected through her Intuition to my own Heart, heart wishes to experience here on Earth, my Land of Plenty. I am forever grateful for that night. I subscribed directly and finished in one year, travel restrictions included as I had to always travel to Romania to have a babysitter to be able to attend all the classes; but it was my Heart, the Truth that manifested ease with the curricula. I started shortly after to help with the zoom hosting for the next batches of Create your Destiny and was a moderator in Williams team starting in parallel to share this amazing work within awareness coaching. I continued my journey and added Access Consciousness Tools to clearing the energetical whirl that keeps us stuck somewhere 🙂

It is my biggest Joy to see Us coming back to our Hearts, remembering who we are, understanding our beliefs, definitions and more important understanding that these are only illusions. We have infinite possibilities and by knowing this and starting really to chose what is in our Heart magic will unfold in our lifes. My life changed and gets more and more amazing each day as I allow to chose and chose what is Truth for me. Tapping and learning how to use my Intuition (a process that we all can learn) in my daily life, activities was the best gift I could do to myself. My heart is filled with Joy with each interaction with every Soul who is interested to allow to tap into the magic that we really ARE. Each session is based on Intuition for Your Highest Good, being in Your Service and seeing you being YOU and thriving in Joy, Ease, Happiness and Heart manifestations is an honour and blessing for me. Ps: This pic includes a heart manifestation for me actually 2:-) my almost latest professional Yoga pictures shooting and me being again and connecting to my heart island Madeira. In that particular place I said many years ago: here I will live and teach Yoga. Hihi 🙂

With much Love and Light, Namaste

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