Why teaching Yoga or why Yoga teaches me?

Today morning while sending my Yoga students the kind reminder that we see each other on the mat tonight I had an aha moment, a pause of gratitude- towards myself, towards my passion and longevity to teach Yoga since being certified without interruption more then one decade ago. And of practice some decades ago 😉

And I was thinking, what was it that gives me this passion to share Yoga with my students on the mat, in discussions, in my awareness posts? I was teaching in Yoga studios, fitness rooms, at home, in parcs, in offices and even in rooms that were being just built, online, offline- sometimes to large groups, sometimes to one person- during pregnancy, after with my son- different traditions, Yoga types – what is it that makes my heart thrive to see, to feel the students in a totally different space, relaxed, themselves, happy after the Yoga practice as I know the benefits from my own life and on my bodies. What is it?

And then boom- YES my heart thrives- my Love for it is the magical answer. There are no preconditions that need to be solved when you do what you love- was one sentence and profound realisation that I had during my Natural Success study…and this is true…My Love to share Yoga with as many souls I can became my mission.

Whereas in the beginning I was teaching more or less Asanas, meditation, breathing by adding the other two components awareness, enhanced intuition and the energy healing even my own perspective of the wholeness of Yoga changed. The Union of the Trinity: Mind, Body and Soul. And so did my teaching level up to a whole new dimension towards more wholeness, more Being, more Love.

Would be fantastic to share this Yogic Love with you too, in form of Yoga on the mat, awareness coaching or energy healing. With much Love and Light


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