Yoga for Self Confidence (5 weeks practice)


Yoga for Self Confidence (5 weeks practice; Start 30.11, online)



Do you know that feeling when you know that something is truth for you (eg. a certain course, an adventure trip, expressing love or meeting a person, another branch to work in) and still because of that something, lack you simply don’t go for it and even worse regret not having done it?

What is it that some people have that they just shine, are powerful and confident and others run away even before something started out of fear, seeking validation from others and are inable to make decisions?

The answer is Manipura chakra, balanced or out of balance:-)

In the following 5 weeks starting 30.11, 20:00 CET I would love to practice with you flows and meditations that will boost our self confidence. Lets experience that magic that we are together.

See you on the mat



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