Nicoleta probably added quality years to my life

“As I’ve gotten older, wiser and had a lot more life experience one of the things I’ve learned is what an incredible value and gift it is to have a good coach in one’s life. There was a time I used to think “I’m smart and clever and can figure things out on my own”, or “I don’t have the money for a coach” and also “why do I need someone telling me what to do, what are coaches for anyway!?” Most of my adult life, I have been surrounded by coaches but I have resisted having one of my own.

However, after working with Nicoleta for over two years, I can honestly say all those beliefs have been flipped. Now I realize how amazing it is to have a coach, if for nothing else but to preserve precious energy and time, and to keep me focused on my own real life goals and heart mission in this life.

Nicoleta has been amazing in helping me stay focused and probably added quality years to my life. I highly recommend her work and coaching services. She is gentle, non-judge mental, and very clear in her intuitive coaching services! “


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